Fantasy Versus Reality in Anita Desai’s Games at Twilight


  • Dr. S. Marithai Assistant Professor in English Sri. S. Ramasamy Naidu Memorial College Sattur,Tamil Nadu, India


Fantasy, imagination, reality, insignificance, alienation


The term fantasy encompasses novels and short stories that represent an imagined reality that is radically different in its nature and functioning from the world of our ordinary experience. Often the setting is in another planet, or this earth projected into the future, or an imagined parallel universe.  Anita Desai’s short story Games at Twilight portrays the world of fantasy which represents the imagined reality through children’s games in India. India is the land where children are energetically playing the games like hide and seek, piggyback and leapfrog throughout the year during their leisure hours. While playing they live in their own world of fantasy to escape from the world of reality and adopt themselves to an imagined reality through their games. Here, the story Games at Twilight heightens the effect of the mind-set of the young children in India. This paper attempts to highlight the children’s excitement in the world of fantasy


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