Yeats’s Byzatium Poems: A New Critical Approach


  • Dr. Suranjana Bhadra Assistant Professor of English Serampore Girls’ College, Serampore Chinsurah, West Bengal, India


Close reading, aesthetic, criticism, literary


New Criticism is primarily concerned with the text in itself, its language and organization. A close reading of the text articulates the paradox, ambivalence, order and harmony within the text.  An emphasis on objectivity, impersonality and humanist principles marks the basic trend of Anglo-American New Criticism. This paper aims to provide a close reading of W. B. Yeats’s Byzantium poems—“Sailing to Byzatium” and “Byzatium”. The paper gradually unravels the insolvable enigma of human life—the transience of life and the permanence of art. The poems achieve a resolution through the working out of contradictions, a unification of different dispositions towards experience.


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