Revival of Hinduism in Kalidasa’s Shakuntala


  • Shahaji Mastud Assistant Professor D.A.B. N. College Chikhali Shivaji University, Kolhapur Maharashtra, India


Hinduism, Revival, Philosophy, Interminable, Ecstasy


Kalidasa was a well-known figure in the Classical Indian History and intellectual being in the period of 15th AD century. He was the best jewel among the nine jewels of Gupta Empire. He has composed the play for the Gupta court that sets up new standard of the society. Goethe celebrated Shakuntala put on his head and dancing with overflow of joy and ecstasy. Shakuntala is unquestionably a sentimental romantic play.  Apart from that, there are a couple of other huge subjects like heroism, nature, the idea of a perfect ruler. It is additionally certain that dharma and karma plays significantly. Another remarkable subject is that of extension of religious philosophy, so, it is hard to escape from the principle of Hinduism. The present research paper tries to focus on the revival of Hinduism and how, it was executed in the extraordinary play like Shakuntala. How the philosophy of Hinduism propagated via the Sanskrit drama and how it becomes the philosophy of all India for interminable time. These are the issues under the investigation that endeavor to remarkably inspect in the present paper.


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