Chanakya’s Chant: A Refreshing Familiarisation With The Past And The Present Sans Alteration


  • Anna Juhi John Research Scholar Post-Graduate Student 2nd Year Central University of Kerala Thrissur, Kerala, India


The last few years witnessed an unprecedented boom in Indian English Fiction. Amish Tripathi, Anand Neelakantan and Devdutt Patnaik are some popular precursors who reintroduced Indian mythology and history to the modern Indian audience. While these authors revisited Indian mythology and tweaked the popular stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata to appease the modern rationales and their various ideologies and perspectives, Ashwin Sanghi presents the yester years as faithfully as he possibly could while only spicing up the events to break the historical monotone. Instead of making drastic changes in the characterisation he projects them as history tells us they were and successfully superimposes them on the people of today’s world. Chanakya’s Chant is historical- political thriller with parallel plotlines which show how the modern Indian society and especially its politics is no different from the ones that we encounter in our history books. The novelist, like his other contemporaries in the genre, brings about a familiarity with the past but unlike them its parallelization that is employed in the work. This paper attempts to identify the novel technique (both in form and content) by which Sanghi succeeds in bringing about the familiarity with the past and the politics which resulted in him gaining a strong readership not only among the lovers of history and politics but also fiction lovers – chiefly the youth.


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