The revolt of the marginal in The White Tiger


  • Dr. R. Chitra Shobana Asst. Prof of English A.P.A. College of Arts and Culture Palani, Tamil Nadu, India


This paper focuses the sufferings of the marginalized in India. Adiga has given special focus on the economically downtrodden of northern India, who suffer, due to the age old traditions such as the zamindhari system, caste system etc. The protagonoist of the novel is Balram Halwai -a downtrodden boy from the darkness. He is very smart and active that he learns driving amidst hurdles and gets his dream opportunity to become a driver; he is even more blessed to work at the capital city of India as the driver of a big shot. He begins his career as a very simple innocent country driver but his stay in the city, amidst city drivers teaches him many crooked ways to earn money. The change in his boss’s character convinces his guilty conscious and instigates him to cheat him and to kill him towards the end. By killing his master he amasses money and becomes an entrepreneur in Bangalore. The whole novel churns through his point of view.  The White Tiger  belongs to the epistolary genre in which a series of letter  is written over the period of seven nights. Here, Balram Halwaai, is writing to the premier of China, Wen Jiabao, who is about to visit the city of Bangalore. Balram wants to get relieved of a great burden in his heart by confessing his crimes to the premier.


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