Pedagogy of Teaching Writing Skills in Girl’s High Schools of Aligarh District


  • Anam Ahmad Research Scholar Dept. of English School of Languages Literature and Society Jaipur National University Rajasthan, India


Pedagogy, Writing, Learning, Aligarh


The research is related to the pedagogy of teaching writing practices among the girls who study in high schools in Aligarh District. The main aim of the research study is to identify the different approaches related to the teaching and writing skills and determine the link between writing behavior and the writing pedagogy. The research also identifies the factors that hinder the writing skills of students. The study also evaluates the importance of a socio-cognitive approach in teaching and writing among the girls in high schools of Aligarh district.

Additionally, to conduct the research in a proper manner various research methodologies like simple random sampling, primary and secondary method of data collection, qualitative and quantitative research approach are taken into consideration. The research also effectively fills the gap that is between the previous and existing literature by providing valuable insights into the different aspects of pedagogy of teaching writing practices among girls who are studying in High school in Aligarh District. The research concludes that pedagogy of teaching writing skills is essential for the growth and development of the learners. It also recommends that the teachers must work on improving and changing the mindsets of the learners and pay special attention to the grammar aspects of the language.


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