A Critical Study of Dalit Conversion to Christianity in Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable


  • Reema Devi Guest Faculty, English SOL, DU Delhi, India


Christianity, Messiah, Dalit theology, Conversion Liberation


The main purpose of this paper is to investigate into Mulk Raj Anand’s novel Untouchable through the glasses of Dalit Christian ideology. Dalits suffer extreme marginalization, identity crisis and multiple disabilities that is a matter of great concern. The social structural inequality and socio-cultural discrimination experienced by Dalits echo the cruelty of Indian social order. Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar interprets that Dalit ancestry is rooted in ‘Broken Men’. The barbaric treatment of the Hindu society towards Outcastes makes them seek alternatives to restore their identity and dignity. Does the caste Hindus’ unethical, inhumane treatment towards the untouchables compel them to adopt Christianity? Can the figures like Colonel Hutchinson help them gain their social dignity and status? What if they become Christian? Will it help them to raise their status in the Indian social hierarchy? Does their ignorance save them from conversion or Do the experiences of their society members? - are the certain questions that will be investigated in this paper to fill the existing gaps.


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