Language and Its Implications In Society: With Reference To Language And Power


  • Dr. K. Rajesh M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D. Ravindranagar, Sithaphalmandi Secunderabad, Telangana State, India


Language, Power, Discourse, Linguistics, Society.


This paper discusses Language and its implications in society. It presents the principles underlying the Language and its implications in society and it relates to critical agenda of how language and power, language and ideology, language and racism, and language and power influences on the adherent cultures and their literary views. If it to be held on the ablaze of language theories the complete society and its acumen of the world are through some of the dominated classes eyes. The theoretical frame works for abreast literary works arise to anachronistic anticipation process, anachronistic literary frameworks and abnormally angle on Dalit literature and need to assess in the modern literary scenario because the relationship between a literature and the critical comment that develops about it is never static. Any new literature or literary movement of bulk is not abandoned answerable to complete critical approaches, but it may itself is a powerful accoutrement of modifying new critical methods.



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