Exploring Diasporic Self in Agha Shahid Ali’s Selected Poems


  • Moonmoon Pandit M.A. (English) Assam University Diphu Campus, Assam Hojai, Assam, India


In Indian English Literature, Diasporic writings find a substantial place. The diasporic literature of India extensively captures the pattern of emotional turmoil and the vivid characteristics of a diasporic heart, mind and soul. The amalgamation of these characteristics forms a diasporic self that takes refuge in memory. In diasporic literature, the role of memory is dynamic and paradoxical. It causes both pain and pleasure, restlessness and solace as in both way it is only memory that binds a diasporic self with the native identity. Such a diasporic self is well represented in the verses of Agha Shahid Ali, a renowned poet of Indian diasporic literature. To express his diasporic feelings and sensitivity in his poems, Ali depends on his memory which further gives rise to diasporic imagination and fantasy. In this paper, I have attempted to study the representation of diasporic self in selected poems of Agha Shahid Ali in the light of memory, imagination and fantasy, their nature and relationship.



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