Teaching & Learning English Language through Audio- Visual Resources


  • Dr. Jinali Patel Assistant Professor, Ashvinbhai A. Patel Commerce College, Gandhinagar, India


Teaching, Learning, English, Audio- Visual, Resources


“Video, among other new technologies, offers education a challenge to rethink much of its methods and content, helping it tilt the balance away from teacher-centered instruction towards learner-centered study it also offers the advantage of utilizing vision, that powerful but neglected sense, in new ways.”(Robin Moss, 1983)

In Google age, language teaching has been considered in the emerging methods and techniques. Expansion of technology, new improvements are being carried up in language teaching. To make teaching-learning more resourceful language educators are using different audio-visual aids to assists the teaching process.  Moreover, with printed textbooks English language teachers are using charts, graphs pictures related to syllabus content, audio clips, videos, PowerPoint slides, posters and many more in language classrooms. The main objective of this research paper is to find out the benefits of using audio-visual tools in teaching the English language.  The descriptive method has been followed.


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