The Emotional Grooves are Forever Fragrant in Kavery Namibisan’s novel The Scent of Pepper


  • Dr. Hemanth Kumar Mekathoti Assistant Professor in English Malla Reddy Engineering College (Autonomus) Secunderabad, India


Women, Patriarchal society, Individualism, Environment, Human relations


Indian women novelists in English and in other vernaculars try their best to deal with many aspects from birth to death. These Indian women novelists have an awareness of their wide acquaintance with the shades of life in the East as well as the West. They have high educational and intellectual standards, sharp observations of life and have imparted a psychological depth to their writings. Among the women modern writers of fiction Kavery Nambisan occupies a unique place. She attempted to depict the problems of women in the modern society dominated by male chauvinism and in particular the problems of women in rural India. She wrote a number of award-winning stories and books for children in the 1980s.

One of the famous novels of Kavery Nambisan is The Scent of Pepper (1996). Nanji is the woman protagonist of the novel. It deals with the brutality heaved by the patriarchal society on Nanji, the  protagonist who is  married at the  age of twelve, widowed at thirteen, married again at seventeen; mother of thirteen children becomes an old woman at forty six. Lives a life of nothingness and later learns to gear up the strings of her life, to make it liveable and loveable. Though Nanji is a representative of countless widowed and deserted women in India, yet she stands out for her compassion and tensile individualism and also presents an authentic picture of the life in Coorg. Nambisan projects Nanji as a strong  character  completely  in charge of her internal and external environments that is she is connected to her home and the coffee estates owned by the family. Nanji has never felt the need to leave Coorg unlike other characters that seem to leave Coorg and live in different Indian towns. She also shows the importance of the human relationships which are being losing their faith in the present developing state of a nation. Though the nation is on a developing stand but the state of women is still on a backdrop and it needs to be changed with the intentional and the dedicative concurred zeal of the women for the change.


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