English Teaching in Colleges: The Ideal and the Real


  • Dr. Anooja John Assistant Professor (English) Jeppiaar SRR Engineering College India


: teachers, students, curriculum


English language teaching has been going on for centuries. However, not much has been achieved as far as the methods and materials to be followed for teaching this language are concerned. English language has been taught to students for 12-14 years in schools. Even after having learnt English for twelve years in high school, students do not seem to have acquired the ability to use the language appropriate in different contexts. They are not able to listen and comprehend lectures delivered in college classrooms and they are also not able to communicate effectively with others in English. They are not able to write or speak in flawless English. The moot questions are where lies the problem and who are to be blamed - teachers, students, curriculum, teaching methodology or evaluation patterns.


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