Language and Culture


  • Dr. K. Rajesh M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D. H.NO:12-12-160/2 Ravindranagar, Sithaphalmandi Secunderabad, Telangana, India


: Language, culture, hegemony, society


According to Pramodh K Nayar (2008), Cultural studies examine the culture of masses that is popular culture and everyday life of the large section of the people. It is art, mass cinema, popular music, comic books, graffiti, radio, fashion and sports primarily captivated by ample section, a non-elite group of society. These forms of art were abandoned as ‘inferior’ for a complete affiliated time. The word, ‘mass culture’ was acclimated with its ambition to belittle and the power of aristocratic group was advised as abandoned ‘true culture’. The culture of rich minority people is presented as ‘true’ culture. Even admitting ample breadth of society, never reads classical authors, academic studies were focused on ‘classical authors’ or ‘works of art’. Only certain forms, genre, and authors were admired as ‘culture’ abnormally the aristocratic forms. In other words, the very word, ‘culture’ was associated with few upper-class elite members, a smaller section of society who legitimizes some art effects as ‘culture’.[1]



[1] Nayar, P. (2008). An introduction to cultural studies. New Delhi: Viva Books


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