Change in behavioural patterns in Yaan Martel’s Life of Pi


  • X. Mercy Monica M. Phil English St. Joseph’s College Bharadhidasan University Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India


Post modernism refers to a movement away from the apparent objectivity provided by omniscient third person narrators, fixed narrative points of view, and clear cut moral position. Faulkner’s multiply narrated stories are an example of this aspect of modernism. In Canadian terms, a lucid description of the term postmodernism is given by the Canadian critic Robert Wilson in his article entitled “National Frontiers and International Movements,” Wilson says that postmodernism in its application to literature contains “self-consciousness or reflexivity, a putting of the conventions of writing. Yaan Martel, a Spanish-born Canadian writer, best known for winning the Man Booker Prize for the novel  Life of Pi. Martel wrote short stories before writing his novels and won the Journey prize and National Magazine Award for his works. Textiness sets postmodernism apart from some other literary movements that are all about realism and naturalism.


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