History of Indians in South Africa: Reflections in diasporic fiction


  • Archi Sharma Research Scholar Career Point University Kota, Rajasthan, India
  • Dr. Tushar Nair Professor Career Point University Kota, Rajasthan, India


Diaspora Literature, South Africa, History, Indians


Indian diaspora has carved its own niche in every country it has migrated to, be it the field of politics, commerce or literature. While currently the preferences for emigration are U.S., Europe and Oceania (all claiming white population as majority), Indian community is present in Africa too since mid 19th century. South Africa has its largest share and Indians have witnessed all the upheavels inlcuding Aparthied. First World countries have enjoyed superior infrastructure and quality of life, courtesy of the colonial rule. Their main tool for achieving this affluence was the cultural hegemony; which resulted in this obsession with fair skin. Indians are well aware of the inferiority of dark skin. The beginning of Indian settlement and consequent trials in an originally black country can be an indigenous experience itself in which only Literature provides insights. The diaspora have endeavored to amply delve in it. This work is a modest summary of the history and its treatment by the Indian diasporic literatti in South Africa. Ahmed Essop, Achmat Dangor, Imran Coovadia, Rajesh Gopie and Muthal Naidoo are some of the world famous authors. Remaining diasporic writers have been mentioned along with their works in this compilation.


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