How Different is Numeral “ONE”???


  • Kumari Mamta Research Scholar Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi, India


Numeral system, ONE, Suppletion, Numeral Classifier language


Numerals are a very important  part  of  the lexicon.  This  paper  is  an  attempt  to  distinguish numeral  “one”  from  other  numerals.  The  properties  that  will  be  presented  in  this  paper  are specific to numeral one, for example, Kurukh have three allomorphs for numeral one depending on the function whether the form is counting or attributive, and carries what features. In many languages of India, one has two different forms; counting (cardinal form) and attributive form (as a  modifier).  Another  interesting  aspect  we  can  see  in  ordinals  and  multiplicatives  formation which is generally derivatives of respective cardinals, but with ONE the same is not true instead in many languages they are in suppletive form.  Along with this the numeral classifier language and their unique relation with cardinal one will also be presented.


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