Role of Culture and Society on ‘Identity’


  • Dr. ASTHA Assistant Professor in English, J.V.M.G.R.R (PG) College, Charkhi Dadri, Haryana, India
  • Dr. Ravinder Singh Assistant Professor in English Government College Bahu, Jhajjar, Haryana, India


In any era, culture of the society works like a pool. It moulds the identity of a person not individually but wholly. In this way, Cultural identity refers to that network which imitates the social norms made by the prevailing society.  This type of identity can be defined as a feeling of representation of a group to depict the nationality, religion, ethnicity, generation, locality, regional preferences and the class in terms of their upbringing. Culture: as a pool not only influences the identity but it provides a tag to the society you belongs to. The reason of this is that culture exists with the help of customs, language, beliefs and life-style. It is a fact that the problem based on identity rises when the feeling of “me” comes on the top. The questions like- Who am I, what others think about me and how an individual acts? No person is alone. Every one of us has to live in the society so there is no existence of “me”. Human being can survive in the society only through “we” because we define ourselves through the culture in front of any peer group.



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