The Bold and Bright Black Beauties in The Colour Purple


  • Jaspreet Kaur Graphic Era Hill University Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India


This article examines black feminism within the literature of second wave of feminism in the American context. It will also focus on how the depiction and function of black feminism has been portrayed in The Colour Purple (1982) by Alice Walker. This article has endeavoured to portray the bold and bright side of the black women in The Colour Purple. Alice Walker is a well-known pioneer of black feminism. Her writings frequently motivate black women to love themselves, their race, and their culture and not to get obsessed by white superiority or white beauty standards. The attitudes towards black feminism and the black body have always been pervasive in the literature and this text provides a glimpse to the life and attitude of and towards the black women. No matter the  perspectives towards black women have been shifting and the attitudes have been changing,  but my article calls into question the discourse of black feminism within literature and its  intentions in the contemporary society of an America ruled by the superiority of the white.  The survival of the black women in the white racist society is explored through the themes of race and gender and the representation of the torture of the black women and their standing against it.



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