Metaphors for impotency in Bamanankan


  • Dr. ISSA COULIBALY University of Languages and Humanities Department of English, Bamako, Mali


This paper provides insight into how the topic of impotency is mentioned in Bamanankan. Direct reference to certain concepts may be regarded as offending or embarrassing. That is why, language users resort to alternative expressions - metaphorical euphemisms - having the potential to be accepted as innocent words. This article is an attempt to explore the mechanisms used to mention impotence in Bamanankan. The study originated from personal experience and observations of various casual conversations and discussions among peer groups. The data were gathered from a wide range of sources including not only casual conversations, but also the tributes from Radio Klédu about sex and its related activities. The study concludes with the submission that Bamanankan speakers resort to metaphor in an attempt to mention males’ sexual dysfunctions.


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