Deputation of Power in Vijay Tendulkar’s Play


  • Shahaji Mastud Assistant Professor D.A.B. N. College Chikhali Shivaji University, Kolhapur Maharashtra, India


Power plays extremely remarkable role in the life of human being. Everybody wants to live in the power structure built by the civilization. In democratic process, people elect the leaders that will enhance their life through the basic leadership system. The power structure is imperative that leads route through capacity to control. Political and economic power plays dominant role in social framework. Man and muscle power is at the focal point of individuality, the mighty exploits the weaker. There are numerous dimensions of the power utilized by the Marathi dramatist Vijay Tendulkar in his play. Through the present article an attempt will made to expand and modify the concept of power with the scrutiny of Tendulkar’s select Marathi translated play. It will also contribute to the faculty of knowledge and inspire to improve the human head and heart.


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