The Historical Position of Indian Women and the Contributions of Classical Literature


  • Bhagyalekshmi R Department of English Sree Narayana College for Women Kerala, India


The present auxiliary position conceded to Indian women in social, legitimate and cultural circles as per the fundamentalists is to a great extent established upon Hindu convention which is supported upon by religious writings and sacred texts. Age-old, paradigms of sexual orientation works for ladies are painted as Hindu conventions which require security. The opposing perspectives are regarded to be those of hostile to Hinduism. In spite of the fact that the standardizing jobs have their beginning in the Hindu culture, the scriptural sanctioning is a socio-political instrument utilized by fundamentalist powers throughout the years to legitimize and proliferate the enslavement of Hindu women. It is vital that however religious sacred writings are inclined to staggered interpretations; just those which support the man centric thought of the "perfect" Hindu lady have been pushed by the standard Brahaminical class. This specific paper expects to deconstruct female gender roles by intently dissecting certain characters in the Hindu epic – the Ramayana, so as to give an alternate and complete viewpoint of the situation of women. The Manusmriti and its constituent laws, is regularly depended upon by the Hindutvas to protect the uninvolved job of women as "common". From this time forward, it has additionally been a piece of the investigation.


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