Innovative Stress Management Approaches Followed By College Students to Manage Stress


  • Sindhu Thomas B Assistant Professor Department of Career Development Faculty of Science and Humanities SRMIST, Kattankulathur Tamil Nadu, India


The word “Stress” entered popular vernacular of Indians in 1990s. Today it is one of the most used words among people. This article discusses the entry of the word into the Indian society and subsequent impact of stress in college students. There has been an increase in stress related incidents in the Indian society. The National Crime Records Bureau (2015) revealed that in India, one student commits suicide every hour. Students not being able to cope with stress end up lives and statistically South India has recorded higher suicide rates in the past two decades. There are various reasons for stress among Indian students like parental pressure, societal pressure, peer pressure etc. Some students take these stressors as threats and respond in negative ways while many take these stressors as challenges and find ways to come out of it. This article sees the positive side of the problem and sheds light on the various approaches students follow to come out of stressful situations. In simple terms “stress management” in college students is different from adults. Adults do not easily accept that they are stressed. They ignore symptoms related to stress and rely on over the counter drugs. Whereas students identify stress and use customised approaches to relieve from stress. These simple approaches are inexpensive, easily accessible and reliable.


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