The Brotherhood and Love in The Novels of Saul Bellow Specially Self And Real Self In “Herzog”


  • Dr. Asif Anwer Lecturer in English Mithila Women’s College Rajendra Nagar, Patna India


This paper reveals that Herzog is a totally unconventional novel. It is much difficult to read. Reader is always in a doubt whether the action is real or just in Herzog’s mind. Herzog’s abrupt letters make little sense initially and are only recognizable through their italic font. A common reader cannot understand the gist of Herzog in first reading because like Herzog’s mind his letters are also written in topsy-turvy situation. Sometimes he uses quotations of other languages, which have even more irritating effect. And the most irritating fact is that whatever information is shared with the reader, it is through Herzog. There is always a doubt whether it is Herzog’s extra sensitivity that causes him to manipulate the situation. The narrative is first person narrative and it never comes out of Herzog’s point of view. Thus, the novel is not meant for studying in social perspective. Rather, it is a psychological novel which shows the impact of various pressures on Herzog’s mind. It tries to suggest the various contradictions imbedded in the structure of human society and that of an intellectual’s mind in fight with his projected self and real self.


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