Mythical Impact and Indian Social Aspect of Narayan’s Novel ‘The Vendor of Sweets’


  • Tamanna . Ph.D Research Scholar Deptt. of English Shri J.J.T. University Jhunjhunu Rajasthan, India


Mythological aspects, Mythical, Indianness, Social life, Divine spirit, Protagonists, Reality and Conflict of views


Literature is considered as the mirror of society and this is an eminent way to express human personality and sentiments of any human being in universe. Literature is also in itself a way for human beings to meet with their soul. It cannot express completely human norms, values and meaning in broad sense. India is a country which has many languages and every language has its own identity and culture and in the world every civilisation is renowned for its consisting culture and history. All these things blossom under the shade of literature from the beginning period to the present time. An essence of Hinduism and spiritualism gets an excellent height through prominent literary works of R. K. Narayan. Mythological aspects along with shadow of Indian society aspects are integrated up to the depth in realistic novels of Narayan. The attempt in this research is to make sure, how he presents concerned myths and social structure in a very realistic way through his series of novels such as ‘The Man Eater of Malgudi’ and ‘The Vendor of Sweets’.


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