Indifference, Spectacle , A Funeral Unseen , I Want A Love Like That


  • Kuhoo Singh MA (English literature) St. Thomas College, Durg University Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India


  1. Indifference

The strongest of all
Disguised in all
A feeling above bitter-sweet
A feeling beyond love or hate
Nothing else stands a chance
Such is the might of indifference.

After all tears are shed
After all smiles are exchanged
A feeling stands waiting there
With shackles in hands
The sweetest bondage of all
Making everything of lesser meaning
Call it an escape or an excuse
But you will agree
Tying your hair makes it less knotty.

The beauty fades
The ugliness vanishes
Nothing is black or white
But rather colourless
Indifference is such a beauty
A gateway to oblivion
Making our suffering less.





Deceiving tricks
Fake laughter
The show has begun
Please pull up the curtain
All gay and merry
But what is in the corner that I see?
Someone lamenting over the loss of oneself
At least he is wary
Rest are oblivious
Fake laughter continues
Amidst profound screams
All are the actors of the show
And all are spectators
Merely doing what is ordered
Or watching others with apathy.
It is a bizarre play I say
The curtain never falls
Show runs
All the 86400 seconds of the day.
The erects have fallen
All withdrawn without any pain.
Not realising the life when crossed
Will be more rueful
Owing to the impassiveness of the actors.
No heed is given whatsoever
Either for crowning or crucifixion
The lovers of ruckus
The lovers of chaos
The lovers of anarchy.





  1. A Funeral Unseen

A funeral unseen
Happening at everywhere
At all the time.
A cry unheard
Ringing the whole valley
Like a toil.
A scar clandestine
Buried in
And out of mine.
A funeral unseen
Happening all the time.

The beautiful landscapes are us
The wasteland is also us
The water turning black
Of the blue rivers is also us
Celebrating the death of breathless beings
Celebrating the funeral unseen.

The homeless birds
The homeless animals
Built a home for us
While dying in a gyre
And we unknowingly celebrate the funeral unseen.

The moral values
The Benedictions
Losing it's value
All that matters
Is covered bodies and empty souls
The wrong moral calculator
Is now in use
Can't reckon the funeral unseen.

The beauty that never aged
Ageing now
The brows removed with an axe
The hair falling like never before
The eyes tired which no one sees
Don't make it cry
For these tears bring chaos
And we witness the funeral unseen.




  1. I Want A Love Like That

One that triumphs the victory,
One that outlives the eternity,
One that precise the truth,
One that defines the nameless,
One that familiarise the faceless,
One that transcends the best,
One that uplifts the acme,
One that echoes the roars,
One that silences the still,

I want a love like that!


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