Survey Reports: A New mode of Language acquisition in TBLL


  • Dr. G.V.S. Ananta Lakshmi Professor & Head Chairman, Board of Studies-English, AGI, BOS Member, VJIT, Hyderabad Hyderabad, Telangana, India


Core Skills, Language Acquisition, survey project


The professional students of the courses like Engineering are lagging behind in career development apart from their commendable technical skills. At the global level, Indian students are failing in displaying requisite core skills.with this backdrop the present paper focuses on what are the key skills required for a successful career for an engineer. “Instead of classroom teaching, how the TBLL approach is more fetching in the acquisition of language”is also discussed here. Apart from highlighting the requisite skills sets for professional students, this paper brings out one language survey project executed at their end in detail. Finally this paper concludes that indirect learning fetches to strengthen the communicative competence.



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