Revival of Magic and Myth in Literature


  • Dr. Alka Tomar Indoe, M.P, India


Magic, Mythology, Literature, Modern Trends


Literature has transformed significantly today. Stories are conveyed through single liners, and emotions are depicted through sets of punctuation marks. Novels are divided into chunks of daily episodes for TV. The widening canvas of literature has not only seen newer formats; it is also witnessing newer themes and trends.

One of these trends is revival of magic and myth. Magic and fantasy have the capability of enhancing the horizon of our thoughts. It tickles the mind of the reader and brings to him chill and thrill.

This paper looks into the reason for the development of using magic and supernatural in the world of logic, and deliberates on its future. The paper is based on information culled out of internet and by having discussions with intellects. The paper is intended to give some perspective towards this approach. It leaves scope for further research.


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