The Values of Humanity in the Select Novels of Barbara Kingsolver


  • Evangeline Maria Fernando PhD Research Scholar, Department of English Nirmala College for Women Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


Empathy, Humanity, Moral, Relationships, Values


Literature portrays the image and values of humanity in all its facets. The study of humanity by itself seems to be a virtue for some humanists, whereas for some, it stands as a medium for the construct of an ethical human being.  The concept of the ‘humanism’ or the ‘values of humanity’ is prominently seen throughout the work of the American novelist, Barbara Kingsolver. The human values are strongly connected to the well-being of a person emphasizing on the realization of the true meaning of life.

This research article makes a study on the moral and ethical values that humanity shares in order to envisage the world as a place of harmony and love for mankind. The study is made by analysing the strong connections that human beings share in the two select novels Animal Dreams and Pigs In Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver. 


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