Search for Wholeness of Margaret Shanthi and Marikolanthu in Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupe


  • C. Nalini Research Scholar, Ph.D., Department of English Kongu Arts and Science College Erode, Tamil Nadu, India


A Woman in India has to live in patriarchal society. She cannot do anything without the support of the male, it has been a male dominated society. Indian tradition and culture have set rules for women’s life and feminine sensibility. Women in modern era try to venture into the society for searching their own identify and want to repair the psychological trauma and identify wholeness.

Anita Nair as a modern Indian woman writer born on January26, 1966 in Kerala has written novels for the emancipation of women in India. She has written about women in all section of Indian society. She has portrayed various problems faced by woman physically and psychically through her characters of various novels and how characters want to change their lives to lead an independent life.

Anita Nair has written novels, short stories, poems, essays, stories for children and travelogues. Ladies coupe (2002) by Anita Nair portrays the different status of women in the Indian society. Ladies Coupe is the story of six women who meet in a train journey just by chance. Akhilandeswari is the protagonist and a narrator in the novel she listens to the story of five other women in the compartment and tells her story too, seeking in them a solution to the questions that has troubled her all her life: Can a woman stay single and be happy or does a woman need a man to feel complete? Basically Indian woman has to lead life with a man only then the society will considers it as a fulfilled life. But she questions it and wants to find an answer.


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