Cognizance of Women’s Aspiration in Maya Angelou’s Select Poems


  • R Kesavi Assistant Professor of English Institute of Road and Transport Technology Erode, Tamil Nadu, India


Hope – Dream – Awareness – Hardships – Flexibility


Maya Angelou is widely known for her ‘Black Secular’ form of writing. Being a poetess, she had justified herself by giving valuable works to the readers, especially the female readers. Some of her poems are “Still I Rise”, “Caged Bird” and “Woman Work”. Most of her poems represent the oppression of women in different forms but end up with highlighting endless hope. Whatever the context is, the women are subjected to endless sufferings and injustice, either knowingly or unknowingly. The society projects women as a symbol of weakness and so they too imagine themselves to be frail. In reality, women are more powerful than men. They are capable of becoming what they dream to be. Maya Angelou’s poems also focus in such a way with the ideas of empowerment of women. Only the obstacles of women differ according to the individuals, but not the actual condition. They love; they work; they worry; they suffer but overcome everything at the end and that is the real awareness. Though she faces many hardships, her flexibility is the foremost reason for triumph in her life.


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