Transforming of the Female Protagonist in Sudha Murty’s Novel Mahashweta


  • S. Govarthini Research Scholar (Ph.D. Part Time) Kongu Arts and Science College Nanjanapuram, Erode, Tamilnadu, India.


Sudha Murty is a celebrated writer in India today. Her books are read by millions, and her empathy for the female characters is admired by all. One of the famous and widely read novel is Mahashweta. It is a typical Indian story, but it brings out a strong female protagonist. In short the story revolves around a poor, but beautiful girl called Anupama.  Dr. Anand falls in love with her and his family is well off. Anupama gets married to Anand, and Anand leaves to Britain to pursue his higher studies, and asks his wife to come and join him after a few months. But tragedy strikes Anupama as she finds out that she has leukoderma. The story is about her self-willed determination to face her problems.

This paper talks about her transformation from a lively girl to a married girl. Nevertheless she becomes depressed after her marriage. She once again transforms herself into a successful happy woman despite all her troubles. The transformation of the female protagonist from a tragic figure to a vibrant figure is the subject of this paper.


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