Ecriture Femininist Traces in Purple Hibiscus


  • Dr. N. Mythili Associate Professor of English Sri Vasavi Arts and Science College(Autonomous) Erode, Tamil Nadu, India
  • P.V. Rajlaksmi .D Scholar(Part-time) Assistant Professor of English Kongu Arts and Science College(Autonomous) Erode, Tamil Nadu, India


Ecriture Feminine, Emotions and Expressions


Ecriture feminine is a theory that focusses the reputation of linguistic for the psychic understanding of self. The theory draws on the initial work in psychoanalysis about the way that humans come to recognize their social roles. It is exposing the role of women in masculine outlets that is their real explorations. It will construct the new openings of social changes for women. In Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi’s novel Purple Hisbiscus(2003) portrays the typical colonial system in Nigeria. The protagonist Kambili Achika, a fifteen year old girl’s transformation in her society and how she has developed her sense of attaining the identity along with the firm philosophical influences within her psyche. This paper is focusing on ecriture feminine traces of Kambili Achika’s social representational self.


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