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The category“ slave narratives” were writings by people who had experienced slavery. It described their journeys to independence and their survival struggles. The concepts explored and issues raised were racism, slavery, and social equality.</p> Shadan Jafri Copyright (c) 2021 Shadan Jafri 2021-08-28 2021-08-28 9 8 1 8 10.24113/ijellh.v9i8.11147 African Motherhood: A Panic History in The Bluest Eye and Beloved <p>Mother is a bonus bestowed upon humanity by Almighty Allah as she can claim all the calamities for her children to make them safe. The importance of mother as suggested by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) If I (PBUH) would have been in prayer (Salat) and she (Mother) had called me, I (PBUH) would have left my prayer to listen to her first and then I would have completed my prayer. Here it shows the essence of mother, as she is the source for a man to claim the heaven. Nissim Ezekiel in one of his poems says, ‘Thank God! Scorpion picked on me and spared my children’ this shows that she can suffer the pain of poison to make safety of her children possible. African motherhood is a paradigm for mothers all over the world. These black mothers have suffered sexual abuse during the period of slavery to save their wards. They worked very hard and even sometimes murdered their children to save them from slavery and sexual assault from the rich white masters. Same thing can be seen in the novels of this study. This research paper will explore the circumstances that compelled mothers to sacrifice their wards and suffer the pangs for whole life. Importance of motherhood will be explored here.</p> Mukhtar Ahmad Ganie Dr. Shubhra Tripathi Copyright (c) 2021 Mukhtar Ahmad Ganie, Dr. Shubhra Tripathi 2021-08-28 2021-08-28 9 8 9 24 10.24113/ijellh.v9i8.11148 The Quintessential Role of the Soil: A Postcolonial Reading of Shadrach Ambanasom’s Son of the Native Soil and Wilson Katiyo’s A Son of the Soil <p>This paper entitled, “The Importance of the Soil: A Postcolonial Reading of Shadrach Ambanasom’s <em>Son of the Native Soil</em> and Wilson Katiyo’s <em>A Son of the Soil </em>demonstrates the importance of the soil which raises conflicts as well as generates wealth. The problem posed is that the soil, which is an empowerment tool, stimulates conflicts as agents desire socio-economic and political control. Such conflicts slow development and relegate the weak in both national and global affairs. The bond of contention evoked here is that socio-economic and political powers are secured through oppressive means which leave societies in chaos and stagnation. Some tenets of postcolonial theory will be used as a theoretical guide for analysis in this paper. Findings reveal that the soil has the ability to stimulate both prosperity and poverty that reinforce binaries. The paper concludes that, the expansion of the agricultural sector is fundamental to meet needs of a fast growing population. If the improvement of the soil is neglected, conflicts in societies risk to be increased resulting to high mortality rate caused by war and famine.</p> Vivian Bongka Copyright (c) 2021 Vivian Bongka 2021-08-28 2021-08-28 9 8 25 47 10.24113/ijellh.v9i8.11149 Partition of Indian Subcontinent: A Thought-Provoking Outcome of the Prevailing “Anachronistic” Approach to Religion instead of “Modern” <p>Understanding of the holocaust event, ‘Partition of Indian Subcontinent’(1947) still appears &nbsp;a problematic chapter to deal with &nbsp;even after&nbsp; more than seven decades of &nbsp;the holocaust event not only for millions of &nbsp;Indians and Pakistanis but for many in abroad too. &nbsp;The momentous event still continues to tantalize &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;many&nbsp; &nbsp;historians, writers, researchers and scholars at present day context even. Reading history is not enough to understand this event of great vastness. Literary representation of Partition also plays a significant role in this regard.&nbsp; The cataclysmic event has been documented in a wide range of literary genres -fictions, non-fictions, poetry, memoirs, oral history etc., published in multiple languages in many countries. All the writers try to capture&nbsp; &nbsp;the most harrowing scenes of the turbulent period of&nbsp;&nbsp; history as per their immensity of&nbsp;&nbsp; experiences and meticulous observation. &nbsp;Besides many reasons responsible for the Partition, &nbsp;&nbsp;the underlying &nbsp;‘anachronistic’ approach&nbsp; to ‘religion’ is noticed as the most &nbsp;prominent one in resulting the thought-provoking disaster &nbsp;of 1947. The present paper seeks to explore ‘the’ least attended aspect but ‘the’ most important &nbsp;&nbsp;reason of the holocaust i.e. the prevailing anachronistic approach to “religion” instead of “modern” with special reference to Brent Nonbri’s idea of&nbsp; “modern concept” of an &nbsp;“ancient( traditional)” notion of “religion.”</p> Ramani Naik Copyright (c) 2021 Ramani Naik 2021-08-28 2021-08-28 9 8 47 67 10.24113/ijellh.v9i8.11150 Pulling It Together: Human Resilience and Community in Toni Morrison’s Beloved <p>Toni Morrison’s <em>Beloved </em>is the story of the sufferings of Afro-American’s slavery, trauma of being forced to leave their homelands, horrors of parting with their relatives and the resilience of the Black Community to restore peace and harmony among themselves. The present paper demonstrates the extent to which individuals need the support of their communities in order to survive and how the community as a whole rises resiliently to overcome the trauma and pacify the sufferings of individuals. Morrison in this novel, benevolently asserts the need of community, its solidarity and its interdependence in offering resistance and kindling the spirit of resilience for the individual redemption by knitting a diverse and fragmented narrative only to be exorcised for a better future.</p> Ankur Yadav Copyright (c) 2021 Ankur Yadav 2021-08-28 2021-08-28 9 8 69 77 10.24113/ijellh.v9i8.11151 The Omnipresent and The Omnipotent – Surveillance and Power <p>The objective of this paper is to trace the derivation of power through imperious surveillance upon the citizens of Panem and the consequent denial of citizen rights. The paper also analyses the nature of people’s fear of being watched and how the overbearing surveillance system in action can violate individual privacy. The act of being continuously watched or monitored and the knowledge of being under the control of power, a 'watchful eye', can create a huge impact upon the people under surveillance. In the modern world, people are being watched continuously and closely and are tracked through economic activities and electronic media. The paper aims to prove that surveillance in any form is a constraining force limiting people from being themselves. The <em>Hunger Games</em> by Suzanne Collins portray a dystopian post-apocalyptic land of Panem where the Capitol uses surveillance and the people’s fear of being watched as tools to assert their power over the citizens. After years of being watched and controlled, the people of Panem have forgotten basic citizen birthrights and the beauty of freedom in their lives. These people lose their real identity in this cage where they are devoid of any individual preferences. If the citizens are not completely aware of the value of privacy which is an inherent human right and much required for individual growth and development, the possibilities of losing the contemporary world to such a dystopian reality are high.</p> Anjely Aravindan Aiswarya R Nair Copyright (c) 2021 Anjely Aravindan, Aiswarya R Nair 2021-08-28 2021-08-28 9 8 78 91 10.24113/ijellh.v9i8.11152 Hedonism in George Saunder’s The Semplica-Girl Diaries. <p>George Saunders is an American short story writer. His writings include moral sting and stints of realism. This article is an analysis of one of his famous stories <em>The Semplica-Girl Diaries</em>. The story is a fine example of hedonism which means favouring pleasure and avoiding pain. This article speculates the idea of hedonism in the characters of this story and brings forth the theme of moral myopia. Hedonistic treadmill was at multiple times was being operated by those characters who try to own pleasure in spite of biting bullets. The other elements like American dream and consumerism have been analysed through the lens of narrator.</p> Karunsagar Kanda Dr. P. Rajendra Karmarkar Copyright (c) 2021 Karunsagar Kanda, Dr. P. Rajendra Karmarkar 2021-08-28 2021-08-28 9 8 92 103 10.24113/ijellh.v9i8.11153