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SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJELLH is a distinguished peer-reviewed and open-access academic journal dedicated to the fields of English Language, Literature, and Linguistics. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, IJELLH offers a platform for scholars and researchers to disseminate their cutting-edge research to a global audience.

Key Information:

Peer-Reviewed and Open Access: SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJELLH upholds rigorous academic standards through a robust peer-review process. It provides free and open access to its scholarly content, ensuring that knowledge is easily accessible to all.

MLA Directory of Periodicals: IJELLH is indexed in the prestigious MLA (Modern Language Association) Directory of Periodicals, reaffirming its status as a reputable and recognized publication within the academic community.

New ISSN: We are pleased to announce that SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJELLH has been assigned a new Online ISSN: 2582-3574 and Print ISSN: 2582-4406, signifying our dedication to staying current with evolving standards in academic publishing.

Publisher: The journal is proudly published by SMART MOVES Publications, headquartered in Bhopal, India. Our commitment to promoting quality research and scholarship has been unwavering since our inception.

Transition from IJELLH: Previously, the journal held the ISSN 2321-7065 under the title International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities (IJELLH). This ISSN was valid from June 2013 until November 2019. As of November 2019, the journal has adopted the new title SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJELLH.

Our Mission: SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJELLH aims to provide a dynamic online platform for researchers, academics, and scholars to publish their research work.

We invite researchers and academics from across the globe to explore the rich tapestry of research, critical analysis, and scholarly contributions that SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJELLH has to offer. 


SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJELLH covers a wide range of topics within the fields of English Language, English Literature, and Linguistics. We welcome contributions that explore, investigate, and discuss various aspects of these disciplines, including but not limited to:

English Language

Grammar and Syntax, Punctuation and Stylistics, Comparative Linguistics, English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL), English Language Teachers Training, Language Teaching Methodologies, English Language Teaching, Language Variation and Change, Sociolinguistics, Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis, Phonetics and Phonology, Language Acquisition, Language Assessment and Testing, Language Planning and Policy

English Literature

Fiction and Poetry from Chaucerian Age to Postcolonial Age, Comparative Literature, Indian Literature, World Literature, Literary Theory and Criticism

Literary History and Movements, Literary Analysis and Interpretation, Postmodernism and Postcolonialism, Literature and Gender Studies, Literature and Culture, Literary Adaptations and Multimedia


Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Language Documentation, Linguistic Theories and Models Philosophy of Language, Morphology and Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics, Phonetics and Phonology, Sociolinguistics and Dialectology, Text and Corpus Linguistics Translation and Interpreting Studies, Writing Systems and Orthography, Language in Context: Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics.

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Volume 12, Issue 5 May 2024
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