Art and Narrative in From Heaven Lake


  • Dr. Bipin Chandra Uniyal



- African literature, Chinua Achebe, colonialism, culture, death, tragedy, community.


Vikram Seth in his travel book ‘’From Heaven Lake’’ adopted photographic technique to portray the inner and external realities of China and Tibetan culture. His photographic technique is vivid and lucid. In this way, he describes it minutely. Through travel Seth has the complete knowledge of the problems that are faced by the people of the present age. He was deeply touched and aware of the rapidly changing social, economic and the political conditions. Seth has an immense variety. He is a man of varied moods, so his range is not confined to one or two subjects. He deals with all aspects of society. In spite of the immense variety of his moods, he portrays characters from middle class life.                                            Seth’s diction in From Heaven Lake is characterised by artless simplicity. His fiction has simplicity of both form and diction. His diction is rich graphically. His narrative technique is completely based on photographic narration. He describes the Chinese feature and the Tibetan religion, folks, and environment through photographic technique.


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Author Biography

Dr. Bipin Chandra Uniyal

Assistant Professor, English                                      

Bal Ganga Degree College Sendul, Kemar                                                               

Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India


Vikram Seth, From Heaven Lake: Travel Through Sinkiang And Tibet. New Delhi: Penguin




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